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Hyuuga Hinata
27 December
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Hinata was born the oldest child to the main branch of the Hyuuga family, making her the Hyuuga heir. When she was three years old, she was kidnapped and held ransom. As a result, her uncle was killed. Despite this sacrifice, she has been deemed a lost cause by her father.

Hinata participated in the chunnin exams to change herself. During the first test, she was inspired to not give up by Naruto's speech at the end of the test. During the second test, her team was one of the first to retrieve their second scroll. During the preliminaries, Hinata was matched against her cousin Neji. During the fight, she almost gave up due to Neji berating her on how she was a failure. However, at Naruto's cheering, she continued fighting. Even though he was much stronger than her and had blocked her chakra, Hinata refused to give up. The fight was stopped when Neji charged at an extremely weak Hinata. The jonin in attendance stopped him, and Hinata was taken to the emergency room. When it was finally time for Naruto's match against Neji a month later, Hinata encouraged Naruto by telling him that he never gave up and it inspired her. Unfortunately, Hinata never saw Naruto's win, having passed out during the match- still suffering from injuries obtained in her fight a month prior.

During part two of the story, Team Kurenai is recruited to help Team Yamato find Uchiha Itachi. During this mission, with the use of her Byakugan, she sees that one third of Kabuto had been taken over by Orochimaru. She also is stationary scout in the fight with Tobi, following his chakra signal. She is also the one to discover where the fight between Sasuke and Itachi is taking place when she sees Amaterasu. Unfortunately, they arrive to the scene too late to find Sasuke. He had already been taken away by Tobi, leaving no trail to follow.

When Pein invaded Konoha, Hinata showed concern for the injured, one in particular being a branch family member. When she realized Naruto was fighting Pein on his own, she wished to go help him. The branch family member warned her she would only be a burden to Naruto. Just as she was about to accept that, Naruto was pinned by Pein. She rushed to his side. After proclaiming her love for Naruto and her willingness to die for him, she began trying to fight Pein. She was quickly tossed aside however, and then stabbed with one of his chakra blades. After Naruto's rage at Hinata's apparent death caused him to transform into the Kyuubi up to six tails, Team Gai took Hinata to Sakura to be healed. Now healed, Hinata is relieved at Naruto's defeat of Pein.
Physical Description
Hinata is 5' 3", and with a rather large bust. However, all her curves are very elegant. She has long, dark hair that falls to her waist with bangs. She tends to wear a purple jacket with navy pants and heeled sandles. Her eyes are a milky white due to her Byakugan.
Hinata is a very shy young girl. She is kind, and very giving to those around her. She hates fighting and violence, which makes most of her clan see her as weak. She has low self-esteem and stutters often. However, despite her timid demeanor, she will fiercely protect the people she loves and the things she believes in. She is willing to die for those causes, as shown by her sacrificing herself for Naruto against Pein. Even though she is timid, she is strong willed. She has not only put up with the neglect of her family, but she has forgiven them for it. She has also managed to make lasting bonds with others, especially the members of her team.

Hinata loves to be in nature, and greatly enjoys helping others. She tends to prepare meals for her teammates on training days, as well as salves and other light medical treatments for small injuries. While she may not be much of a fighter, she does carry her weight by doing these things, as well as being a marvelous scout due to her Byakugan.

Name: Hyuuga Hinata
Age: 16
Point in Canon: Most recent chapter, after Naruto has defeated Pein.
Magical Powers/Skills: Hinata has the Hyuuga family's use of Byakugan, as well as their ability to block chakra circulation. She of course has most other basic ninja skills and chakra use.
Weapons: She has access to and uses typical shinobi weapons such as kunai and shuriken, but she does not have any signature weapons.
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 99.2 lbs
Blood type: A
Likes: helping others, the outdoors, quiet, green tea
Dislikes: cruetly, being in large crowds, violence
Eyes: Pale lavender, almost white
Hair: Black, looks purple in light
Personality: shy, kind, helpful, caring, easily frightened, easily intimidated
Talents/abilities: graceful, fast, smart, makes a rather good spy
Love Interest: n/a

Kidnap? Go for it!
Noncon? Um... It can be discussed
Angst? Probably not much.
Attack? Sure, that's likely anyway.
Kill? We can discuss it POOR HINA-CHAN!
Het, yaoi, yuri? Any
Rating? Any and all, though the higher ratings will probably be caused by others, not her.

Any other notes? None at the moment.

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Dislaimer: Original character property of Masashi Kishimoto, played for salkia_island.
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